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New Honda Blade

New Honda Blade for rent, motorbike semi automatic for rent

New Honda Blade

$ 11

New Honda Blade for rent, motorbike semi automatic for rent

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The Honda Blade 110cc is the most common bike / scooter in Vietnam. It is reliable, easy to ride and cheap. As it is semi-automatic with our free driving lesson most people will quickly and easily learn to ride.

The Honda Blade 110cc is base model Semi-Automatic and the cheapest model that we offer but a perfect option for someone not looking for a manual bike or if your priority is for a reliable bike.

As it is 110cc it is comfortably enough power for 1 person to travel anywhere in Vietnam and you will see this bike everywhere that you travel.

Our Honda Blade are from 2023 meaning that they are in perfect condition and reliable and as they are Honda which is the most common brand of bike in Vietnam they can be serviced in the many Honda garages throughout Vietnam by professional mechanics.

This bikes comes with a free D-Lock, Phone Holder, Local Helmet, luggage straps, Luggage Rack, Map and Driving lesson if Required.

Rental Warranty

As with all of our rental bikes we warranty the mechanics of the bike in case of any breakdowns on the road.

Please contact us for any more information or full details of the warranty.

Reserving a Bike

To reserve a bike please contact us directly Whatup:+84936345123,  Facebook or email. We are able to reserve a bike with a payment of 25% of the rental fee.

We are able to do this via Paypal or if you are already in Vietnam then we are able to take a card or cash payment.

Rental Prices
Per Day – $11 Perday 
Per Week - $9 Perday
Per Month – $8 Perday

Intercom:  Extra 20 Usd 
Motorcycle Saddle Box Side: Extra 25 USD
Gopro Dash Camera: Extra10 Usd
Boots Motorcycle size 41-43: Extra 10 Usd
Adventure Gear: Extra 10 Usd


Passport or $600

Technical Details

Gears – 4
Fuel Tank – 4 litres
Transmission – Semi-Automatic
No. of Riders – 1

Why motorcycles like Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius are the best-selling and most popular vehicles in Vietnam:

Fuel economy: Digital motorbikes are often designed to be more fuel-efficient than scooters, so they have become a popular choice for consumers in Vietnam, where fuel is still a major concern. important costs.
Reasonable price: The cost of digital motorbikes like the Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius is often cheaper than other scooters or scooters, which makes them a popular choice for consumers. middle income in Vietnam.
Durability and reliability: Digital motorcycles such as Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius are designed for durability and reliability, and they are widely used as public vehicles in Vietnam. This makes them a popular choice for consumers with daily vehicle needs and especially for urban commuting purposes.

Ease of use: Digital motorcycles such as the Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius have a simple and easy-to-use design, with simple and easy-to-read keys and gauges. This makes them a popular choice among motorcycle beginners.
Digital cars such as Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius are often manufactured and widely distributed across the country, so finding a repair shop or repair center to maintain the car is usually not difficult. In addition, these vehicles are also commonly used in the car rental business, so it is also easy to find professional repair shops for vehicle maintenance.
In particular, the maintenance and repair of digital vehicles such as Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius are often very simple and easy to do, because they are designed with simple and easy-to-replace components. This means that car owners can maintain or replace basic components on their vehicles without having to go to professional repair centers. However, if you encounter more complicated problems or need to replace genuine parts, then going to a professional repair center will be a better option.

Digital cars like Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius have a large carrying capacity and the ability to operate in almost any terrain is one of the important reasons that make them popular and popular vehicles in Vietnam.

With a high handlebar design and wide saddle, these vehicles are capable of carrying many people at the same time, especially in heavy traffic conditions in big cities. In addition, the engines of these digital vehicles are also designed to provide enough power for traveling on diverse terrain, including urban streets, country roads and rough terrain.

Digital cars like the Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius also have the ability to save fuel, allowing users to travel further at a lower cost. This is an important factor in reducing environmental pollution and saving costs for vehicle users.

In short, digital motorcycles such as Honda Wave and Yamaha Sirius are popular choices for consumers in Vietnam because of their convenience, reasonable price and high durability.